Music Commands

We offers you a much more simply feature-rich command list than the average music bot! Listening to music in Discord has never been so easy before!

Below is a list of general commands. We used nn_ for the prefix since it's the default.

() means optional <> means required

  • nn_join <someone> (someone): join a channel
  • nn_leavle: leave a channel
  • nn_play <Name || URL>: Plays a song. Aliases: nn_p

Play Music

  • nn_playlist <Name || URL>: Play a playlist from Youtube. Aliases: nn_pl

Play Music in playlist

  • nn_search <Name>: Search for a video on Youtube.

Play Music in playlist

  • nn_stop: Stop playing musics.
  • nn_lyrics: Find lyrics of one songs.
  • nn_queue: Know how many songs are on your queue.
  • nn_nowplaying: Take a look of the songs being played. Aliases: nn_np
  • nn_remove (number-of-song): Remove a specific song from the queue.
  • nn_pause: Pauses the current playing song.
  • nn_resume: Resumes the current paused song.
  • nn_skip (tracknumber): Skip the current song.
  • nn_skipto <tracknumber>: Skips to a specific track in the queue.
  • nn_loop: Loop the queue.
  • nn_shuffle: Shuffle the queue.
  • nn_volume <1-100>: Change the volume of bot.