Images Generating Commands

Making yourself an interesting meme? :))

Below is a list of general commands. We used nn_ for the prefix since it's the default.

() means optional <> means required

  • nn_circle (someone) Make you circled

  • nn_distracted <someone> <someone> Make your own Distraced boyfriend meme

  • nn_rejected (someone) Make a rejected image!

  • nn_approved (someone) Make a approved image!

  • nn_glitch (someone) Make a glitch image!

  • nn_distort (someone) Make a distort image!

  • nn_sepia (someone) Make a sepia image!

  • nn_contrast (someone) Make a contrast image!

  • nn_greyscale (someone) Make a greyscale image!

  • nn_invert (someone) Make a inverted image!

  • nn_beautiful (someone) Make a beautiful image!

  • nn_afusion (someone) Make a afusion image!

  • nn_wanted (someone) Make a wanted image!

  • nn_3000years (someone) Make a 3000years image!

  • nn_rip (someone) Make a rip image!

  • nn_utatoo (someone) Make a moustache image!

  • nn_wasted (someone) Make a wasted image!

  • nn_frame (someone) Make you framed!

  • nn_moustache (someone) Make a moustache image!

  • nn_scary (someone) Make a scary image!

  • nn_captcha (someone) Make captcha? :)

  • nn_trigger (someone) Trigger meme

  • nn_tweet (someone) <text> Do you like Twitter?

  • nn_fire (someone)

  • nn_tobecontinue (someone)
  • nn_jail (someone)